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Ghostface & Doom - CTW and remix

Ghostface & Doom - CTW

Ghostface & Doom - CTW Remix

Jazzy Grooves Vol. 6 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Jazzy Grooves Vol. 6 - Mixed by J. Rocc here...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MOS DEF - a fan of DOOM

The Culture Capture Champs catch Mos Def during a break in the studio while recording "The Ecstatic" . Hear how he dissects some of his favorite MF DOOM lyrics & talks a bit about his influences. Mos Def's new album in stores June 9th on Downtown Records. DOOM's album out now on Lex Records.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Villain in Rolling Stone Mag

I know alot of followers of TBE are DOOM stans(myself included) so i thought you guys might appreciate this feature in Rolling stone. He addresses the "doomposter" rumors and talks "Born Like This." Nice to see DOOM getting some pub in a nationally recognized music mag. Maybe he will finally get some love from the mainstream and will be inspired to drop a couple more joints.I would love to hear from Viktor in '09 !

click here to check out the story.

Monday, March 23, 2009

video: Slick Rick - Hey Young World. + bio

i really love this joint!

Ricky Walters (born January 14, 1965), better known by stage names Slick Rick, MC Ricky D and Rick the Ruler, is a Grammy-nominated British-American rapper.

Originally from South Wimbledon, London, England, he moved with his family to The Bronx in 1975 where he met Dana Dane, later forming a hip hop duo as Kangol Crew.[1] Rick's characteristic eyepatch was acquired after being blinded in the right eye by broken glass as an infant. He is best known for a series of rap recordings during the 1980s, including "Hey Young World", "Children's Story" and "La Di Da Di", B-side of Dougie Fresh single "The Show" (1985). Once he gained a degree of wealth, he earned a reputation for wearing an enormous amount of gold and diamond jewelry, including many large necklaces with giant pendants, bracelets, huge rings on each finger, and a gold tooth.

In 1990, Slick Rick shot a bystander and his cousin whom he had hired as a bodyguard and who later admitted to having Walters shot outside a club. Slick Rick was indicted on two counts of attempted murder and pled guilty to all charges which also included, assault, use of a firearm, and criminal possession of a weapon. Russell Simmons, head of Def Jam records, bailed him out and Rick quickly recorded The Ruler's Back before spending five years in prison, two for the second degree attempted murder charges he received for that shooting, and three while hassling with Immigrations Services over his residency in the US. In the documentary film, The Show, Russell Simmons interviews Rick while he was a prisoner on Rikers Island.

"La Di Da Di", "Mona Lisa" and "Children's Story" are among his best known songs, with "La Di Da Di" being covered nearly word-for-word by Snoop Dogg on his 1993 album Doggystyle, and lines from "La Di Da Di" being borrowed by multiple high profile artists. "Children's Story" was sampled by Montell Jordan for his 1995 hit, "This Is How We Do It", and Everlast covered it for his album Eat at Whitey's. Eminem also borrowed from the song extensively in his diss song "Can-I-Bitch". "Children's Story" was also covered with similar lyrics by the MC duo Black Star on their 1998 album, Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star, as well as by Tricky on the album Nearly God, with the same name and lyrics, Rapper The Game also did a similar song which was named "Compton Story" he puts on a voice like Slick Rick's throughout the track and tells a story, this rap was on the Mixtape BWS Radio 5 made in 2008.

A third album Behind Bars was released while still in prison, and it was released to lukewarm sales and reviews. Released from prison in 1998, he remained with Def Jam and on May 25, 1999 released a fourth album, entitled The Art of Storytelling, generally considered the authentic follow up to his 1988 debut. Storytelling was also an artistically successful comeback that paired him with MCs like Nas, OutKast, Raekwon, and Snoop Dogg, among others.

On October 6, 2008, Rick was honored on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show.

MC Breed & DFC - MC Breed & DFC

MC Breed & DFC - MC Breed & DFC

1. Underground Slang
2. Job Corp
3. That’s Life
4. Ain’t No Future in Yo’ Frontin’
5. Just Kickin’ It
6. Better Terms
7. I Will Excell
8. Get Loose
9. Black for Black
10. Guanja
11. More Power


- my nicca breed knew the time...



1. Black Sheep - Flavor of the Month (LP Mix) (4:13)
2. Black Sheep - Flavor of the Month (Instrumental) (2:29)
3. Black Sheep - Without A Doubt (Salaam Remi Remix)-missing!
4. Black Sheep - Without A Doubt (Salaam Remi Remix Instrumental) (4:14)
5. Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (LP Mix) (3:03)
6. Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (Club Mix) (3:48)
7. Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (Street Remix) (3:43)
8. Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (Instrumental) (3:32)


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video: Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn (Baseball Original Version)

mj and other celebs in this ol skool joint

DJ Books - The Native Tongue Family

1. native tongue intro - prince paul
2. she fe mc's - a.t.c.q. & de la soul
3. lovely how i let my mind float - de la soul ft biz markie
4. wild hot - q-tip ft busta rhymes
5. butter - phife
6. if it wasn't for you - de la soul
7. have u.n.e. pull - blacksheep
8. peace, prosperity, and paper - a.t.c.q.
9. straight out the jungle - the jungle brothers
10. pubic enemy - a.t.c.q. ft dj red alert
11. ladies first - queen latifah ft monie love
12. la menage - blacksheep ft q-tip
13. oooh - de la soul ft redman
14. la schmoove - phife verse
15. the body rock - mos def ft tash & q-tip
16. i.c. y'all - de la soul ft busta rhymes
17. because i got it like that - the jungle brothers
18. description of a fool - a.t.c.q.
19. scenario - a.t.c.q. ft l.o.n.s.
20. buddy - native tongues
21. how you want it - native tongues
22. ya heard me - phife
23. rock, rock y'all - a.t.c.q.
24. days of our lives - de la soul ft common
25. on the road again - the jungle brother ft q-tip
26. i'm not hard - blacksheep

DJ Books - The Native Tongue Family

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wow.Biggie's Last Party

lotta celebs.vid so nice, i feel like i was there.

-propz to rockthedub

Friday, March 20, 2009

DOOM heads will recognize this one..

a good listen...and for good measure,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best of Big Daddy Kane

this one was all over the net today, but if you missed it elsewhere, here it is. a really dope BDK mixtape by j.period, who recently killed it with his q-tip joint. classics, unreleased material, and some unreleased stuff too.

download it here.

oh yeah, no doubt...there fuking

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The Beat That Wow'd J. Dilla - r.i.p.

Now one of the many beats I made that ol’ faithful Summer was a beat which I used the same exact sample ‘Dilla used to make “The Look of Love, Pt. 1″. However, I decided to take a different approach with the sample. I gets t’chop’n. About an hour or so later I was done. Satisfied & excited with what I made I call Jay Dee to let him hear it. Back then, we used to call each other every now ‘n’ then to catch up with each other & also to play beats for each other over the phone. I couldn’t wait to let him here my chop.

Here’s My Pretty Damn Accurate Recollection of Our Convo:

*riiing, riiing*

Jay Dee: “What up doe?”

88-Keys: “What up kiiid? Yo, what’chu doin’ right now?”

JD: (paraphrasing) “Workin’. What’s the word 88′?”

88: “Man… Let me play you this beat for a second. Hold on. *walks into (make-shift) studio* You ready?”

JD: “Yeah, g’head.”

*plays beat*

JD: “Wooooo. What was THAT? That sh*t was crazy as Hell. What’d you use for that one?”3

88: *slightly confused* “You don’t know? Yo, listen to this sh*t again.”

*plays beat again*

88: “NOW [do] you know what it is?”

JD: “Nah dawg. What’d you use? Play it again one more time.”

*plays beat… AGAIN*

88: “Still?”

JD: (paraphrasing) “Nah I don’t know what the f*ck that is. What IS it?”

88: “Okay. I’m going to play this ONE MORE TIME & tell you what it is.” *plays beat then starts singing* “Y’know what love is… It got somethin’ to do with uh… Being a man-”

JD: *interrupts my singing* “WOOOOOOOOOO! Daaaamn dawg. Hell nah! You chop’d that sh*t the f*ck UP dawg. Hailll nah! Yo play me that sh*t again!”

…& so this [true] story goes.

He asked me to send this beat to him, which I did, via snail mail (because music file transferring over the ‘net wasn’t THAT popular amongst us back then). I wound up sending him all the beats I made that month. I got some positive feedback from him in regards to that beat tape. Needless to say, I eventually sold this beat to Musiq (who then dropped the Soulchild in his moniker) who REALLY liked the beat as well (obviously) but then flipped out when I told him what I sampled. Actually I told him who else used the sample. This was a done deal. After recording the song in Philly w/Mu’ we listened to the song almost all night. The studio turned into Disco Fever with us two dancing up a storm. Man, if you ever get a chance to listen to this song in a (pardon the ol’ school vernacular) BOOMIN’ SYSTEM, I suggest you do so & turn the vol. up to max. This song became a “hidden” track which was ID’d with another song I produced on Soulstar called “Dontstop” (which featured Bilal). So if/when you cop this album & you don’t see the title “Her” on the track listing, just play the 8 minute+ long song “Dontstop” & you’ll hear it. A lot of people missed this song all together because of the way it was ID’d. Bummer! Oh well, you’re about to hear it now so enjoy! (Please click the cover of the Soulstar album to listen & get your boogie on to “Her”).

The Beat That Wow'd J. Dilla - r.i.p.


- via 88's joint

itz that time again for the wmc bitch!

Winter Music Conference, in its 24th year, is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry, attracting professionals from over 70 different countries. With its high concentration of top international artists, DJs and industry professionals, WMC permeates the international press and is thereby one of the most publicized events in the business. Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and many more. There are countless reasons why people from all over the world return year after year for this event, the most outstanding one being that there is nothing else in the world like it.

Industry Development
Currently, the music industry is engaged in a profound structural metamorphosis. CDR's, MP3's, download streams and other new technologies are forever changing the ways in which people create, buy, sell and listen to music. Such matters are among the many debated at Winter Music Conference. The WMC program brings together informed professionals to present new ideas, discuss industry issues, and build new inroads for business development. Meetings and seminars focus on topics such as market strategies, artist development, copyrighting, publishing, writing contracts, artist management, distribution, radio, promotion, internet retailing, and the media, just to name a few. With more than 30 important meetings and seminars on the agenda, WMC will continue its mission to provide a decisive global platform for resolving the current challenges and stimulating new industry growth and revenue.

Artists, DJs and Events
One of the most exciting aspects of Winter Music Conference is the convergence of industry executives, press and A&R reps, as well as artists and DJs of all levels bumping heads on the dance floors and rubbing elbows at the bar, while enjoying their favorite DJs spinning on the decks. The level of exposure WMC provides for artists and DJs is invaluable. WMC offers endless opportunities for DJs and artists to network and have their music heard by an international audience of music industry professionals. The Demo Listening Workshops, CD compilation, DJ & performance stages, DJ Spin Off and a host of other performance events, showcases and release parties throughout the week, provide limitless opportunities for innovative DJs and artists to break out of the box. Venues throughout Miami feature a non-stop schedule of nighttime events showcasing legendary artists and DJs from all over the world. WMC also presents the International Dance Music Awards, revered as the premier annual awards event for the dance and electronic music industry. Ultra Music Festival, the largest music festival of its kind in the U.S., is the official closing event for WMC. Nowhere other than WMC will you experience such diverse and unique talents gathered together to share one week of exclusive music industry events.

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mf doom -absolutely _instrumental + bonus

mf doom -absolutely _instrumental_.mp3

-my fav beat off the album.


-bonus via rock the dub

9th Wonder & V/A - Wonder Years:The Remix LP

1. Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Take You There
2. Skyzoo - The Bodega
3. Common - Ghett Heaven
4. Amerie - Why Cant We Fall In Love
5. Heiroglphics - Make Your Move
6. Little Brother - Whatever You Say Feat. 9th Wonder And Pete Rock
7. Slum Village - The Look Of Love
8. Krumb Snatcha - W.O.L.V.E.S. Feat. M.O.P.
09. Ghostface Killah - Never Be The Same Again
10. De La Soul - Stakes Is High
11. Bahamadia - I Confess
12. Pharrell - Frontin Feat. Jay-Z
13. Musiq Soulchild - Caught Up Feat. Aaries
14. Mr. Lif - Brothas
15. Boot Camp Clik - Night Riders Feat. Aaliyah


-props to dot

DJ Jazzy Jeff Presents - My Faves Vol.1(Mixtape)

1. Gimme the Doe - Biggie
2. Loot - Wu-Tang
3. Moment of Clearness - Jay-Z
4. Uno Amore - Nas
5. Passin' By Me - The Pharcyde
6. Hip No Ties - Biggie
7. Allow Me Too... - Jay-Z
8. It Ain't Hard - Nas
9. Da Orchestra - Juice Crew
10. Dirty Shoulders - Jay-Z
11. Kick the Door In - Biggie
12. Bill the Top - Audio Two
13. Made You Peek - Nas
14. Dollatown - Black Moon
15. Hustle Knockin' - Jay-Z


Group Home - Where Back

1. Intro
2. Ghetto
3. Get It
4. Skit
5. Real Brother Never Die
6. Rasta (Feat. Agallah)
7. Dope Game (Feat. Agallah & Ike Ice)
8. What They Want Do (Feat. Black A Don Kibbe)
9. BK (DJ Deckstream Remix)
10. Outro

Group Home - Where Back

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

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DJ Concept In Your System

straight from the mawfuckin cassette intro
children of the corn X dilla - the american heist
phat kat - track
the artifacts - the ultimate (jay dee remix)
jaylib - the message
guilty simpson - baby
big l x dilla - spark up the phillies
scienz of life - dilla forever
blackstar - little brother
jaylib - no $ no toke
jaylib - starz
strong arm steady - death before dishonor
ditc x dilla - from town to town
gulity simpson - make it fast
dilla - make em nv
termanology - circulate
dilla - light it again
big l x dilla - the wild style
jaylib - the official
proof - bring it to me
random treats
miguel atwood-ferguson & carlos nino - find a way


MF DOOM to be featured on J Dilla's upcoming album 'Jay Stay Paid'

"This album sounds incredible, can't wait for June 2!



By now most everyone is familiar with the story of musical legend J Dilla. The quiet, prolific producer collaborated with everyone from Eryka Badu to Common to Janet Jackson to Prince. Dilla was just beginning to capitalize on his cult status when he sadly passed at age 32 due to Lupus-related complications. Jay Stay Paid is a 25 track collection of unreleased Dilla beats mixed and arranged by Pete Rock. While mostly instrumental, “J$P” also offers a few guests vocals from artists that Dilla worked with or admired including Black Thought of The Roots, MF DOOM, and M.O.P.

Curtailing any notion of jumping on some sort of Dilla bangwagon, Jay Stay Paid was executive produced by Dilla’s mother Maureen Yancey (aka Ma Dukes) along with the musical supervision of Dilla’s only real musical idol, Pete Rock. “It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t haphazard,” explains Ms Yancey. “This album combines what he did in the beginning of his career, what he did in some of our early hospital stays, which was very deep, and some stuff pulled from old floppy disks & DATs. Its mind blowing…this is like the missing links to Dilla’s legacy.”

The format of the album plays like a radio show with Pete Rock as the program director. With regards to Pete’s involvement, Ms. Yancey gets very excited, “Dilla wanted to pattern himself behind Pete. His dream was to become as close as possible to what Pete stood for. Pete meant everything to him. Dilla would have just been flabbergasted! ” Pete’s sentiments were the same toward Dilla, “Dude was amazing. He just kinda came outta nowhere and the more you heard his beats the better they got. He may not be here with us, but it’s all good we’re going to keep his music alive and well.”

In the late 80s, Dilla founded the seminal rap group Slum Village and put Detroit hip-hop on the map, while the 90’s saw him playing a major role in the production team The Ummah with Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad doing extensive work on Tribe Called Quest’s last two albums.

Jay Stay Paid will be released on June 2nd on Nature Sounds."

- via Subroc, The Hip Hop Hendrix

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J.Dilla's mother Maureen Yancey Photos

Anyone else notice the Foreign Exchange's "Connected" sticker on Dilla's mixer (@ 0:31). F'in Dope

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slum Village - Dirty District INSTRUMENTALS

1. Intro feat.T3
2. One
3. Shut Shit Down feat.Que D
4. Me & MU feat.Elzhi & MU
5. VIP In feat.Phat Kat
6. H.E.A.T. feat.B Flatt & Fuzz
7. Throw That "D" feat.Lo Louis
8. Freestyle feat.Elzhi & Black Milk
9. Real Life feat.Ten Speed & Brown Shoe
10. Cock Sucker feat.Phat Kat
11. Big Fella feat.Fuzz
12. Dae Out 2 Get Us feat.Ray aka Therow & Dj Dez (scratches)
13. Freestyle feat.MU & La Peace
14. BIG T.W.I.N.S. feat.Alchemist & Twin Gambino
15. Yesterday (82 Mix) feat.3582
16. Dirty District Theme feat.Guilty Simpson & Marv

Slum Village - Dirty District INSTRUMENTALS


Pete Rock speaks on Favorite songs and Samples

POW! smack you in the face with instrumentals!

01. Kanye West - Bittersweet Poetry
02. Lil Wayne - Lollipop
03. Ray J - Sexy Can I
04. Usher - Love In This Club
05. The Dream - Falsetto
06. 50 Cent - The Mechanic
07. Mary J Blige - Just Fine Remix
08. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
09. The Game - Dig Dreams
10. G-Unit - Im Leavin
11. Lil Wayne - Im Me
12. Lil Wayne - A Millie
13. Snoop Dogg - Neva Have 2 Worry
14. Re-Up Gang - 20k Money Making Brothers
15. Ghostface Killah - Yapp City
16. Britney Spears - Break The Ice
17. Janet Jackson - Feedback
18. AZ - Undeniable
19. Cherish - Killa
20. Soulja Boy - Donk
21. Snoop Dogg - Life Of The Party


Gangstarr-MomentOfTruthInstrumentals + samples



Gangstarr-MomentOfTruth samples


-via sb and kev nottingham

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cappadonna- pistachio (instrumental)

cappadonna- pistachio(instrumental)


Cappadonna - The Pillage (instrumentals)

Cappadonna - The Pillage (instrumentals)


-via soul