Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Beat That Wow'd J. Dilla - r.i.p.

Now one of the many beats I made that ol’ faithful Summer was a beat which I used the same exact sample ‘Dilla used to make “The Look of Love, Pt. 1″. However, I decided to take a different approach with the sample. I gets t’chop’n. About an hour or so later I was done. Satisfied & excited with what I made I call Jay Dee to let him hear it. Back then, we used to call each other every now ‘n’ then to catch up with each other & also to play beats for each other over the phone. I couldn’t wait to let him here my chop.

Here’s My Pretty Damn Accurate Recollection of Our Convo:

*riiing, riiing*

Jay Dee: “What up doe?”

88-Keys: “What up kiiid? Yo, what’chu doin’ right now?”

JD: (paraphrasing) “Workin’. What’s the word 88′?”

88: “Man… Let me play you this beat for a second. Hold on. *walks into (make-shift) studio* You ready?”

JD: “Yeah, g’head.”

*plays beat*

JD: “Wooooo. What was THAT? That sh*t was crazy as Hell. What’d you use for that one?”3

88: *slightly confused* “You don’t know? Yo, listen to this sh*t again.”

*plays beat again*

88: “NOW [do] you know what it is?”

JD: “Nah dawg. What’d you use? Play it again one more time.”

*plays beat… AGAIN*

88: “Still?”

JD: (paraphrasing) “Nah I don’t know what the f*ck that is. What IS it?”

88: “Okay. I’m going to play this ONE MORE TIME & tell you what it is.” *plays beat then starts singing* “Y’know what love is… It got somethin’ to do with uh… Being a man-”

JD: *interrupts my singing* “WOOOOOOOOOO! Daaaamn dawg. Hell nah! You chop’d that sh*t the f*ck UP dawg. Hailll nah! Yo play me that sh*t again!”

…& so this [true] story goes.

He asked me to send this beat to him, which I did, via snail mail (because music file transferring over the ‘net wasn’t THAT popular amongst us back then). I wound up sending him all the beats I made that month. I got some positive feedback from him in regards to that beat tape. Needless to say, I eventually sold this beat to Musiq (who then dropped the Soulchild in his moniker) who REALLY liked the beat as well (obviously) but then flipped out when I told him what I sampled. Actually I told him who else used the sample. This was a done deal. After recording the song in Philly w/Mu’ we listened to the song almost all night. The studio turned into Disco Fever with us two dancing up a storm. Man, if you ever get a chance to listen to this song in a (pardon the ol’ school vernacular) BOOMIN’ SYSTEM, I suggest you do so & turn the vol. up to max. This song became a “hidden” track which was ID’d with another song I produced on Soulstar called “Dontstop” (which featured Bilal). So if/when you cop this album & you don’t see the title “Her” on the track listing, just play the 8 minute+ long song “Dontstop” & you’ll hear it. A lot of people missed this song all together because of the way it was ID’d. Bummer! Oh well, you’re about to hear it now so enjoy! (Please click the cover of the Soulstar album to listen & get your boogie on to “Her”).

The Beat That Wow'd J. Dilla - r.i.p.


- via 88's joint

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