Saturday, September 5, 2009

Scott Down and DJ Cutler - "Ultimate Breaks and Beatles (LD007)" (2009)

Like the scores of musical sounds and ideas it is meticulously crafted from, Ultimate Breaks and Beatles belongs to nobody yet everybody. Composed of crates upon crates of Beatles records, obscure covers of Beatles songs, the entire 25 volume Ultimate Breaks and Beats series and plenty more, it is a celebration of record collecting, DJing, hip hop music, and above all, the unparalleled resonance and influence of both the almighty Beatles and the almighty Ultimate Breaks and Beats series. In the tradition of its two titanic subjects, the mix defies genre; at once spanning, re-contextualizing, and transcending everything from classical to blues to jazz to rock to rap in just over and hour. Unlike your neighborhood hipster laptop DJ's latest trendy "mash ups", there was absolutely no software, sequencers, or techno used here--just a ton of vinyl, two turntables, a mixer, and an 8 track...

We here at LO DO Industries certainly hope that you enjoy it. If so, please copy and share with as many people as possible, for free of course. If not, keep it to yourself flavor hater. To Ultimate Breaks and Beatles, I raise a hoppy brew. Scott and Mike did a fine job once again. To paraphrase Pablo Picasso: good DJs copy, great DJs steal....


Irv Funkenstein
Media Assassin/Minister of Sample Clearance/Second Clarinet, Lo Do Industries

The Lo Do Guarantee*
We here at Lo Do Industries take great pride in selecting only the finest records produced by experienced, knowledgable music makers. The end result is robust and hale hip hop that will surely improve the quality of your life. If you are at all dissatisfied with any Lo Do product you have pirated on account of faulty craftmanship, we can probably refund your pride.

*figurative guarantee only, several literal restrictions apply. See Irv for details. Copywrong 2009. Lo Do Industries. All Blight Deferred.

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