Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dj quila - back to rap 90s mixtape vol.1-2009


Otro aporte de DJQuila.-

01-Mic Geronimo - masta i.c
02-Organized Konfusion - why
03-Ahmad - ordinary_people
04-O.C. - far from yours (feat. Yvette Michelle)
05-Poets Of Darkness - 21 in the ghetto
06-Chubb Rock - the man (feat. G-Man)
07-Ill Al Scratch - ill take here (feat. Brian Mcknight)
08-Poor Righteous Teachers - word iz life
09-Jamal - fades em all
10-Lord Finesse - down for the underground
11-L The Headtoucha - too complex
12-Das Efx - microphone master (feat. Mobb Deep)
13-Royal Flush - makin' moves (feat. Mic Geronimo)
14-Big L - street struck
15-The B.U.M.S - take a look around (groovebumz remix)
16-Ill Mentality - lovin u4 dayz
17-Walkin Large - do_that
18-Third Degree - uprising
19-Common - orange pineapple juice
20-Keith Murray - the rhyme
21-The Pharcyde - y be like that (remix)
22-Mood - hustle on the side
23-Homliss Derelix - popular science
24-Creators - room for improvement (feat. MCM)
25-The Nonce - mix tapes
26-J-Live - longevity
27-Artifacts - notty headed nigguhz
28-Messiah - survival of the fetus
29-Triflicts - genuine
30-Ill Biskits - 22 years
31-Da Youngsta's - in the city
32-Trybal Men - down like that
33-Pudgee - kill you
34-All City - metro theme
35-Group Home - supa star
36-Grand Puba - i like it (i wanna be where you are)
37-EPMD - never seen before (remix)
38-The Beatnus - get funky
39-Hoodratz - murdered ova nuttin (remix)
40-Notorious Big - party and bullshit

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tbe said...

i like the throwback jointz. it all about 90 hiphop