Thursday, May 21, 2009

shaolin soul...

so DNTZ hipped me to these a while back, and if you aren't familiar, you should be. a must for any Wu fan or if your just the type of head who likes to check out what a producer worked with to make a track. i was downloading this for my personal vault, and thought it was only right that i share. it's a torrent link (via pirate bay) so if your not sure what that means, you may need to do some googling to install the proper software, but it's worth it. enjoy.

only built for torrent linx..

also, while browsing around, it seems that a "shaolin soul" volume 3&4 may exist? if you got it, liberate that shit son !

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D NTZ said...

I gots that. I actually posted all four on the first incarnation of the gully spot. I can't do the math right now, full plate right now, but if nobody else gets to it first I'll up it while on my "vacation"