Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mr Lif - "I Heard It Today" Megamix

More free stuff from myspace, this time from Boston's Mr. Lif.

I know some people are hip to "I Phantom", some aren't. Besides being (arguably) the best album Def Jux ever released (Yeah, I like the Cold Vein, Yeah I like Aesop, No I'm not dissing anyone else's shit; "I Phantom" is just that good. If you've never heard it you should walk your pretty ass down to the record store and cop that, sleepyhead...), it was one of those "hard act to follow" records - It made a big buzz and of course the next record was never gonna compare. And it didn't, so a lot of people thought it was a fluke - The Perceptionists record fell flat for most, as did Lif's second LP... The production just wasn't up to par, there was no "big picture", no concept. Not much challenge, really. Easy Listening?

Now this new stuff... Edan and J Zone among others handle production on the new record. Right? I know. This guy is one of the most skilled rappers you've probably never heard. One of the reasons I get bored with OverGround, commercial BS after two or three lines is because this dude is out there setting a high standard. Get an earful at Lif's myspace.

This is not the new record. It's a mix Lif posted on his myspace for free. It's great. Get it Here. Don't bother to thank me. Also, Dude is on tour constantly, and he always has a real DJ with him, unlike some other acts I could mention...

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