Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jon Baylor - 16 Shades O' Black

So, anyone remember the ruckus in the Strictly Beats C-Box about "Myspace Producers" a few months back? Probably not.

Let me just settle the argument with a few posts. If I were trying to be sensible about it I'd start with John Culpry A) Because dude lives like 4 miles from me and B) because his shit is totally ILL. But I'm gonna start with this cat, Jon Baylor.

This is one of two new tapes he just posted. He's got a ton of shit for D/L in his myspace blog, all of it glitchy, 8-bit inpired, but with that boom bap we all love so much. I'm posting the link to this new tape of his because it's got this weird "Doomsday" era feel with the Jazz melodies and samples, but still with his own production style.

Do yrself a favor.



tbe said...

nice beats.theresalott good music out there.

Anonymous said...

<3 john baylor. especially this new joint. i never hate on the newcomers wherever they come from. hey man ur broke and dumb on computers and u got the internet then myspace is a good promotional tool. i fucks wit anybody who loves hip hop. <3