Sunday, February 22, 2009

DOOM - BORN LIKE THIS. (5 Track Promo Sampler)

01. Ballskin
02. Lightworks (prod. J Dilla)
03. Angelz (feat. Ghostface)
04. Cellz
05. That's That


Official Press Release: DOOM's 'BORN LIKE THIS.'
Mask-wearing hip-hop maverick DOOM (previously MF Doom) unveils his imminent new album, BORN LIKE THIS – a tour de force of thrillingly intricate and diabolically original songwriting. The enclosed sampler has been personally compiled by DOOM And showcases his most accomplished, definitive record yet and first full-length solo offering for over four years.

As well as head-spinningly complex, reference-rich rhymes, DOOM also provides the majority of the peerless production himself with just 2 tracks here featuring the studio skills of others. Credit for crafting the bounciest of beats on short yet sweet BALLSKIN goes to Washington’s Jake One, whilst the much-missed J Dilla’s magical psychedelic jamboree illuminates LIGHTWORKS. Guest vocalists include founding Wu Tang Clan members Ghostface and Raekwon, with the former appropriately appearing in his cartoon-inspired Tony Starks guise. BORN LIKE THIS takes its title from Charles Bukowski’s dystopian poem, ‘Dinosauria, We’, read by its author and re-scored by DOOM on CELLZ. Sharp-eared followers of the interesting end of hip-hop may recognize some of the album’s lineage – the instrumental of LIGHTWORKS is a highlight of J Dilla’s Donuts and an early demo of ANGELZ has circulated in cyberspace – however, the rest of the newborn record’s 16 tracks are 100% fresh and, until now, unheard.

DOOM’s previous solo adventures and escapades include output as alternative alter egos ‘King Geedorah’– a three-headed monster from outer-space – and ‘Viktor Vaughan’ – a DOOM spin-off who exists in a technologically advanced parallel dimension – as well as collaborative albums with Madlib (as ‘Madvillian’), Danger Mouse (‘DangerDOOM’), and a cameo on Gorillaz Demon Days opus.

BORN LIKE THIS will be released worldwide by Lex Records. Further DOOM offspring are planned for later in 2009. Stay tuned…


goodblahgood said...

YES! big up on this one.

John Q said...

YESSS!!! (Said in Marv Albert (not Freaky) Voice).