Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dilla

Time to geek down
Here's some donuts for all of y'all..

First Installment - lots of electronic beats, good experimentation!
2005 Beat CD #1 Common - Love is on here
2005 Beat CD #2Phantom of the Hip Hopera -> Oh No - Move. Biggie first --> Make it Fast - Guilty Simpson , Jaylib - Raw Shit, Funky Space invaders - > First Time (Jay Love Japan), Guilty Simpson -Man's World
2005 Beat CD # 3 Steve Spacek - Dolla, Can't you See (JLJ),
Mix Tracks / 2006 Tracks Busta - it ain't safe no more, Busta and Talib - The Conversation (Dillagence)
Old Donuts
Another Batch early versions of E=mc2 and De La Soul - Thru Ya City
Instrumental Joints Vol. 1 Slum village - PLAYERS, BEEJ N DEM, CLIMAX, I DON'T KNOW, Fantastic 1(from Vol 1)
SV Tour Beat CD
Unreleased Beats Moka Only - One Time, Elzhi - Friends, Jaylib - Eyecantakeyouthere

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Blue said...

All of them are gone